What is Freemasonry ?
It is the largest fraternal and charitable organisation in the UK.

Does Freemasonry have anything to hide?
Definitely not! If it were, this website would not exist and be available for public view world-wide. Most people know where our meeting places are, and the ritual of the ceremonies and the many books written about Freemasonry can be read in public libraries. Members are encouraged to speak openly about their membership. Like many other organisations, though, meetings of Lodges are held in private.

What are its secrets then?
These secrets are the ways of recognition which are used as a test of membership, when visiting lodges where you are not known.

Do Freemasons take oaths?
New members are required to make certain promises regarding their conduct in life and in the community. They also promise to keep the traditional methods of proving they are members, confidential. There is no sworn allegiance between Masons but rather a promise to support each other in times of need without conflict to their moral and civil duties.

Is Freemasonry a religion?
Absolutely not. Freemasonry does require belief in a Supreme Being, but does not try to replace religion or provide a substitute. It does not dictate to its members what their religious beliefs should be.

Is Freemasonry an international order?
It is, in that it exists throughout the free world. Each Grand Lodge is sovereign and independent and there is no international governing  body for Freemasonry.

Do you have women members?
Under the United Grand Lodge of England, Freemasonry has traditionally been restricted to men. This is because the early stonemasons were all male. Also, when it became organised, the roles of women in society were different from today. However, there are two separate Grand Lodges in England restricted to women only.

Why do you wear regalia?
Wearing regalia is historical and in the same way as a uniform, serves to distinguish rank.

Are there many Freemasons in the UK today?
There are about 330,000 masons today, who meet in 8,644 lodges throughout the country.
There are thought to be about 5 million members worldwide.

How much does it cost to become a Freemason?
This will vary according to lodge. On entry, there is an initiation fee to pay together with costs of regalia. A member pays an annual subscription fee to his lodge which covers membership and administration. It is customary to have a meal after a meeting but the cost for this can be included in subscriptions or paid at the time of dining. Also, it is up to the member what he donates to charity but this is done without detriment to his other responsibilities.

Can I become a Freemason?
Membership is open to 'free' men over the age of 21 years. If you have an interest in Freemasonry and would like to learn more, please contact